Love Shit Happens!

It’s Valentine’s Day in a couple of days so I thought I should write something on love and then I found this post I had written three years ago. With some minor edits, I’ve decided to reshare on this new platform:

I jumped out of bed this morning with a thought. No huge revelation just something that said, “hey this is what happened. You accepted shit.”


My friend asked me one simple question one night and the way I answered (or not answered) had me thinking. It was as if I was afraid to be judged not because he would judge me but because as I looked back on my previous relationship I saw how I had allowed “love” to make me lower my standards. I’m grateful for all the lessons I’ve learned but it seems I’m still grappling with how I managed to foolishly let some things slide in the name of love. The diagnosis is clear. Love makes you do shit. It makes you accept shit. And it makes you not see shit as shit.


Side Note: I’m sorry if I’m offending anyone by my insistent use of the word “shit” but it gets the point across as crudely as I want it to and have somehow managed to infiltrate my vocabulary. 

But anyway, as I was saying, love will make your usually superficial mind excuse the fact that he has a big nose. It will make you excuse his beer belly, his knocked knees, and his disproportionate body. Even worst, it may even make you excuse the fact that you’re being abused and/or that he has a girlfriend.

Just so you know, those were merely hypothetical descriptions and situations but the message is you all know that there were things you said you would never do and then you meet a guy, fall head over heels and, all of a sudden, you’re a girl on the side; all of sudden you’re being pounded on; all of a sudden, you’re with the pot belly guy. Yes, it happens, love makes you do some crazy shit. In fact, love makes you excuse the shit that people do. Like nincompoops, we hold people to a lower standard when we love them. 

I’m learning to do just the opposite actually. I’m taking no excuses to be treated poorly. There are no excuses to lower my standards. On the contrary, because I love you, I have to, I MUST hold you to a higher standard because you are now very capable of hurting me. 

I’ve learned that love is never a good enough excuse to accept shit.  Queen, when he disrespects you, say to yourself, sometimes love just isn’t enough. Because the truth is, sometimes it isn’t. Relationships need more than love. It takes respect, communication, trust and maturity etc etc. Why would you stay with a man that’s beating your ass and all in the name of love???? Then who’s to love you???  Why not leave his ass because you love yourself? Now doesn’t that sound like the better plan?


Queens, I beseech you, don’t be tricked into this notion that makes you accept crap as valid excuses for lowering your standards and foolishly compromising your worth. I’m not saying that people don’t make mistakes, I’m not saying that you’re not going to find someone who is worthy of forgiveness but what I am saying is don’t use love as an excuse or a crotch to take shit in life. Try loving yourself first and you’ll find how much easier it becomes to not accept shit from others. You have got to learn that shit will always come from one place…. the ass.


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Love xoxo,

Queen Stacia.

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