DIY Crop Top Style

What do you do when your flight gets cancelled so you have a couple more days before your next flight? You do something constructive. Well, I wrote two blog posts.

What do you do when you have written two blog posts you insist that you saved and edited to perfection but they have somehow mysteriously gone missing? You cuss some b*mb*cl**t start over. *inhale* *exhale* So as hard as this is for me to do, I will write them over. *sigh* Let’s hope this ‘New Year New Me’ fever doesn’t wear off any time soon. I’m kind of liking this patient Stacia. 😒

My friend Diedre suggested that I let you know how I came up with and how you can achieve each of the looks for all my style entries. As great as that sounds, I have no plans to commit to that kind of bondage, professionalism consistency for each post especially since I write (and edit) as I’m inspired. Hence, I sometimes don’t even know what I’m going to write about until I actually start writing. And at that point, there’s no telling what will or will not make the cut.


Speaking of cut, it now makes sense to share with you how I achieved the look for this crop top and how you can too with just a tshirt, scissors, needle (or sewing machine), thread and material scraps of your choice. And since I lost my original content this could be a great DIY project, I thought you’d find it useful.

Believe it or not, this spunky crop top was once a dull solid colour black tshirt. I achieved its new look by cutting a piece of animal print material that I liked and stitched it in the centre of the black Tshirt. I then cut the shirt to my desired length. I also cut around the ring of the neckline to make it wider so I could achieve an off the shoulder effect. After that, I cut two strips of denim from an old pair of jeans and stitched it to the shoulders like an epaulette. I then cuffed the sleeves to my liking and that was it. My once dull black Tee has now been transformed into a crop top with a new cheerful personality.





And of course, in the true coining meaning of my ‘hippie urban’ and ‘upcycled chic’ style, I paired it with the infamous neon green flared skirt that sadly will be making its final appearance for the year (R.I.P.)…. and my pink Converse that I absolutely love. Consequently, it didn’t suffer the same fate that the rest of the other stuff I got from my ex did. *snickers* Come on, #DontJudgeMe I’m just kiddin’….. (or am I? Lol)   

Thanks for visiting. Awaiting your Comments below 😆

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Crop Top: @staciadavidson

Styling: @staciadavidson

Photography: @nickiikane

Make Up: @ms.yelad_realntrue

Location: Downtown Kingston, Jamaica