Neon & Polka Dots- Part 2


As I had said in last week’s post, my neon green flared skirt will be featured this month (and maybe even after). Yes, I love it that much so look out for it next week as well. Today, allow me to bore you with the same colours I wore last week. My intention is that my  breasts smile will make up for that. Enjoy!


I found this black and white polka dot bikini top and thought that it would go well with my neon green skirt. I would have worn it alone (that is, with the skirt) and showed a little skin if only my ‘summer body’ wasn’t looking so winter-ish *covers waist face*. So I literally just put the polka dot bikini top over a black tank top and Voila! I had a new top. Well, kind of. Lol I hope you like it.*wink*


You’ve probably already read the “About Me” Section but I’m always learning something new about myself so I encourage and recommend that you read each post as it will probably give you a better understanding of and insight to the person behind the blog. Here are a few more things that I’ve uncovered about myself & this blog:

  1. I’m from a Tropical country so my outfit choices will somewhat reflect and be influenced by that. I always say Style over Fashion because style is personal and fashion is about rules and trends. However, when it comes to winter, it’s always COMFORT FIRST. A Winter in New York is when I’m at my worst. It’s way too cold to be pretty.
  2. I’m showcasing my personal lifestyle. So that simply means my hair will not always be combed, my nails may never be done and I’ll be wearing flats and sandals ALOT. Ok, so that’s actually my disclaimer.
  3. I absolutely love thrifting. I love up cycling. I’m creative, cheap frugal and resourceful. I like trying things. Like, for instance, wearing a bikini top over a tank top and calling it an outfit… I know you’re saying, “Look at her thinking she’s fresh.” lol But am I not? *blows kiss*



The world of fashion is black or white. It can be a cruel and unforgiving place for those who break the rules so I’d rather not live there. I like experimenting and having the freedom to create, wear and do whatever I want, however I choose. I live in colour. See what I did there? 🙂



Oh, remember these red heels from my last post? Ha! Repeating is a hobby of mine. Can’t say I didn’t warn you! How’s that for a fashion blog? *side eye*


And this is how I ride off into the sunset with Prince Charming…lol Not really… my friend Phillippa suggested I hop on this man’s bike and he was too willing to oblige. Didn’t come off as we had hoped but I’d do it again in a heartbeat. *smirks*

Thanks for visiting. Awaiting your Comments below- The good, the bad & the ugly 🙂

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Love xoxo,

Queen Stacia.

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