Raise Your Price!

mighty race

“If you put a small value on yourself, rest assured, the world will not raise your price.”

I’ve always known this but the revelation has just now jumped at me so refreshingly and with such a convincing intensity that I had to write about it.

The secret has been out for so long, yet as a people, we refuse to consciously decide to act and change the way we view ourselves. We refuse to change our limiting beliefs of who we are and what we are worth. The startling realization that the ONLY thing that could be keeping you down, keeping you in bondage, keeping you poor, keeping you in bad relationships is how you see yourself, is still not even enough to force you to see your worth.

It’s as clear to me as daylight now. Have you ever wondered how such a strong, powerful, smart, ingenuous, creative race could succumb to being enslaved for so long? It’s simple, our oppressors weren’t any stronger, any greater in numbers, any more creative but what they had was the “secret”. You keep someone down by instilling their sense of worthlessness, by ensuring they never come to realize their worth. You do that to someone, and you have in your possession a devoted slave for life… a slave to oppressive systems, a slave to bad relationships, a slave to mediocrity, a slave to failure, a slave to low esteem… Now, you do that to a nation, to an entire race and you can just imagine the power you hold in your hands.

You’ll notice the minute someone starts seeing his worth, his actions change. The fact is, no one can change without first changing his mindset…That’s where it all starts. Our very decisions are affected when we change how we think. We start making better choices, accepting better things and refusing to accept that which is bad for us because we know what we deserve. Marcus Garvey said that without confidence in self we are twice defeated in the race of life but that confidence only comes when we realize our worth. Our worth is tied to our possibilities.

When you know your worth, you walk accordingly. So there is really no magic to what people have been saying all along about the law of attraction. If you are walking with your head down, if you have a low self esteem, if you are negative etc., you will send off that signal and you’ll attract those things and people to your life that may feed on those kinds of attitudes and energies. However, a woman, who is confident, looks good and knows it, knows what she’s about, knows what she wants and what she’s worth will attract those men bold enough to take on the challenge and will probably deter those that don’t think they can match up to the expectations. That’s the simple Law of Attraction…. we attract what we honour, what we respect and what we believe.

I’m not saying it’s easy to change how we think and how we view ourselves especially since some of us have been born to believe our worthlessness but it’s NECESSARY if we are going to improve our lives, make better choices and BUILD the confidence Garvey wanted us to have… What is good about you? What is different about you? Find out and instill in yourself a sense of worth. Read good books that will help the process. Hang around people who know their worth and who are confident and positive. Your life is in your hands. You cannot depend on others to make you feel worthwhile because such is the system of slavery and capitalism….designed to keep you in classes- one above the other, one smarter than the other, one richer than the other, one superior to the other…

Find your worth, cherish it, internalize it, live it….. and see yourself walk into a better life.

You are worthy. Raise your price!


Queen Stacia.

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