Men To Mend

Why are you trying to fix it?

Usually people tell you how to get married, how to find that perfect partner, in fact, there are probably thousands of books on that subject but this is not one of those books blog posts. On the contrary, this post is about telling you how to let go, how to leave that man who has been making your life a living hell and how to stay and be happy as a single woman. Doesn’t sound enticing? Well, that’s because this post is exactly written with you in mind. Let’s get this straight, I am not advocating for #TeamSingle and am in no way suggesting that single life is the overall best alternative. I am, however, advocating for #TeamHappy and am boldly suggesting that sometimes, as women, we stay and suffer in bad relationships just so we don’t have to be single. You may want to leave the relationship but it seems as if some invisible force keeps pulling you back in. Ashanti made melody to this kind of ‘situationship’ with her hit song when she said, “…see my days are cold without you and I’m hurting while I’m with you and when my heart can’t take no more I keep on running back to you..” If you want to have any shot at a happy and fulfilling life, then making the decision to leave him and sticking to it may be the best decision you will ever make in your entire life. No regrets. No bitterness.

You may ask what gives me the authority to write about this. Why should anyone listen to me? Though I opted for a Political Science degree instead of a degree in Counselling or Psychology, my experience as a friend, as a girlfriend and also as an ex give me the authority. I have been in relationships and I’ve been out of them. I have been all stages of single: miserably single, angrily single, sadly single, depressingly single and lastly, and wholly rewarding, happily single. I’ve heard many relationship stories, listened to my friends cry, (and I have cried on their shoulders as well) and I have realized a common thread. Hence, my authority is EXPERIENCE- mine and that of others. I’m telling you what you might not want to hear but what you will need to hear to move forward. There are just some relationships that aren’t worth saving. There’s nothing worse than to be tied to someone who doesn’t understand your destiny, someone who is abusive physically and/or verbally, or someone who just doesn’t feel the same way about you (anymore). I’ve said to my girlfriends that I wholeheartedly believe that until you have experienced true happiness alone/as a single woman, you will never be happy in a relationship that doesn’t involve you having to compromise almost sacrificially. What do I mean? The mind stretched by a new experience can never return to its old dimensions. Similarly, when you have experienced real happiness, it’s hard to ever be satisfied with anything less because there will always be that constant yearning to get back to that place or previous level of happiness. What some people do though is, in order to be ‘happy’, they compromise even to the point that they lose the very essence of themselves. They have smiles on their faces but their ‘happiness’ is counterfeit. It is only a façade.

On another note, there are some ladies who have had such a long history of bad relationships that they have become immuned or so accustomed to the pain that they would seemingly not know how to function without it. Some women actually don’t know what a good relationship entails as they have no immediate point of reference. Others may believe that they don’t deserve anything good and, as such, aren’t able to accept when good things or people appear in their lives. They are so used to the bad that it is as if they are out of place and not in their element without the bad relationship as a part of their life. I’m reminded of a television show that I watched where this man had been imprisoned most of his whole life and was to be released back into society yet he suffered with feelings of anxiety. As much as he considered freedom to be a good thing which would bring with it the opportunity to live how he chose, he was still anxious as he didn’t know exactly what to expect outside of prison walls. Prison life was more familiar and, as such, it didn’t seem that bad to him. The ‘evil’ he knew was better than the ‘good’ he didn’t know.

That’s exactly what it’s like when you know you need to let go and move on but you’re afraid of the unknown living single. Queens, let us not get trapped into that kind of thinking. I know that you share good times together, I know he has some good qualities and there was possibly a time when all was going great *insert other excuses here* but things have changed. It’s not that way anymore. Face the facts. He’s showing you how he feels about you with every action and IN-ACTION. Believe him. Get out now! Let it go! Stay single. You don’t have to succumb to your fear of never being able to find a good man or another man. Men love happy and purposeful women. It’s when you are happily single, living your life, focused on pursuing your dreams and becoming the best version of yourself that you’ll have more than enough options pursuing you. Don’t lose focus on what’s important- your happiness.

Have you ever looked back at your life and your past relationships and said “WTF?” It was while taking a pee on a well needed bathroom break that I somehow had my “what the fuckdge?” moment. I remembered how I had overstayed in a relationship plagued with infidelity and disrespect. WTF? Yes, that’s right, and I could go into all the excuses and explanations about how you had to be in the situation, know the full story and the details of why and how that happened to understand, but I won’t. Because just as wrong stupid as it sounds to you now, that’s how it hit me while taking this pee. I had stayed in a dysfunctional relationship for years all in the name of ‘love’. After I write this, I may as well hide my face because even though I was the one in the relationship, sometimes it’s not until you are sharing your situation with someone and you hear it out loud that you actually realize how stupid your actions were. You begin to wonder how a smart girl queen like yourself could play the fool for someone who wasn’t even worth it… or probably just wasn’t ready. Either way, how could I have subjected myself to living miserably?

And then it dawned on me how many times I’ve looked in from the outside on other people’s relationships and said, “How does she put up with that?”, “If that were me, I’d leave” or “One girl cya suh fool” But when I was in a situation where I should have left, I battered my esteem by putting up with too much bullsh*t for way too long. Queens, this is what bothers me about us. Why do we subject ourselves to bad relationships? How can a seemingly sensible Queen invite a joker man into her life and then, allows this man to make her do things she wouldn’t normally do, accept things she wouldn’t normally accept and bring out a side in her she is embarrassed even to remember? And then I begin to feel eternally grateful for my experiences and lessons that have brought me to this point of growth and happiness. I’ve learned that YOU determine your happiness by the decisions YOU make. You need to get that joker off your throne and make room for the King that God wants you to build an empire with. It is far better to stay single than to be miserable in a relationship. Why do you ignore your intuition and gut feelings? Why do you foolishly forgive? Why are you trying to fix what you know should stay broken? Contrary to the belief that you need someone to complete you, it actually takes two whole (complete) persons to make a relationship whole. Stay Single. Take this free alone time to become whole- to heal, mend, meditate, exercise, connect with friends, read positive books, pursue your goals, travel, explore, love (yourself), and learn new things. And wouldn’t it be nice if you continued doing all those things that make you happy whether or not, or even after, you found Mr. Right? You need to know that being ‘Happily Single’ is not an oxymoron. In fact, it’s just as possible, even if not as common, as being ‘Miserably Married’ after two years is. Stop focusing so much on men and start focusing more on MENDING.

Love & Blessings,

Queen Stacia.

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4 Reasons He Invited You Over

Disclaimer: Ladies, this blog post is not my attempt to try to burst your bubble on the eve of Valentine’s Day and men, this is not an attempt to cock-block. There are other ways I could do that. My aim is simply to tell it like it is and maybe something I say will reach someone, either as comedy, mere entertainment or if I’m really lucky, someone will find my thoughts empowering. Or am I pushing it  a bit?

Anyway, there are some men who just love asking the question, “Are you coming over tonight?” and there is nothing wrong with that question. Women, just BEWARE. If you find that a man keeps INSISTING that you come to his house after you’ve only just met, he is probably up to no good. Well, let me put this another way because depending on how you view things, what he is up to may be all the GOOD that your body craves.*giggles* I couldn’t help myself with that one. I don’t know why I always run off chasing some random thought like a sex deprived dog during mating season. I blame it on the oil in my back. Nevertheless, all I’m saying is don’t think too much into things when he is in a hurry for you to come to his house. It’s not necessarily that he likes you so much and thinks that he has finally found the girl of his dreams.

In fact, on the contrary, FOUR (4) OTHER reasons come to mind why he would be PRESSURING you to make a house visit:

1. He wants to have sex with you. He wants the ‘good good’ and being at his house makes it easier for this encounter especially if you two are alone. It makes you more vulnerable to his advances.


2. He is cheap. Let’s face it. House dates are cheaper- no gas, no entry fees and they usually end with sex so it’s really a win-win situation right there.


3. He is hiding. Believe it or not, for whatever reason, maybe prince charming doesn’t want to be seen with you in a public setting. Could it be that he has a wife or is it that he is ashamed of you? Well, I have no idea why he is hiding. In fact, you may be tempted to ask why would a man that’s hiding bring you to his house since his girlfriend or wife can always show up. Don’t ask me ask the many men who have been caught red-handed. I have no idea why they do it and I am not trying to understand. That’s really not the point of this post. Stop trying to over think things because you want to feel special.  The point is, he may be hiding. Why would he bring you to the movies, dinner or that party where he could run into any “unnecessary problems” aka “friends of his girlfriend”, “his friends” or just “anybody”? And if he did bring you, he’d probably have to wear a mask and hoodie and we all know how that ended for Trayvon.


4. He wants you to see his house. If he has a nice place, if he is rich etc, he tries to use that as a means of getting you in bed with him. The idea behind that is, he believes that the more money he has or is perceived of having, the greater his chances of scoring… IN YOUR GOAL. In other words, man logic is, if a girl thinks you have money or that you are rich, she’ll open her legs quicker and more easily. And who can blame them for thinking this?


So basically ladies, those are 4 other reasons he didn’t tell you why you should come see him. You can either take my word for it, ask your brother, father or a good male friend but the dude who is pressuring you to come by his place is not looking to spending a quiet evening with you. It’s not that he loves your company, it’s not that he doesn’t like public spaces, and it’s not that he just wants to chill and watch a movie. The bottom line is, he wants to F*CK!

Happy Valentine’s Eve Day Queens!
Sex Visit Responsibly. *lol*


Queen Stacia.

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