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I know I had promised 4 consecutive weeks (January) of neon green flared skirt styling posts. However, I’ve decided to give you a break this week to prevent any kind of cloying feeling that could possibly upset your fashion appetite. Not quite! The truth is, I had no plans to give you a break from my neon skirt obsession but I’m working solely from my phone today and I’m having problems downloading those neon skirt photos. Nevertheless, I’m staying true to my decision to make at least one new post every Sunday. I’ve opted to substitute the original intended post for today for this one, rather than not post anything at all. *pats self on back* I’m working on being more disciplined in the things that matter so I’m striving for consistency rather than perfection. I’m learning ‘perfection’ is the enemy of greatness anyway, and things don’t have to be exactly how I’ve planned it for it to be beautiful. Flexibility doesn’t mean that I’m not focused. Sometimes you have to adjust your sail according to the direction the wind is blowing. Albeit, you’re going to the same destination…. (And off I go into a philosophical tangent lol).

Unfortunately, you’re still in for a treat as I will be posting the rest of the neon flared skirt outfits, as promised, next week. Thank me later. But in the mean time, check out my Vintage & Mini combo for this week.


I am trying to think of the appropriate style jargons to describe my preferences. I’m leaning closer towards the idea that my personal style is a mix of laid back, afro-centric, hippie, afro-casual, urban, vintage sexy and upcycled chic😂. Is there even such a thing? Does that even make sense?🙈 Doesn’t matter, I think that really summed up my style in a nutshell.


I’m always looking for thrift finds wherever I go and I especially love seeking out vintage looking pieces whenever I’m on one of my thrifting escapades. On a previous visit to DC, I discovered this ‘vintage’ floral jacket which I instantly fell in love with despite the earnest attempts of my friend to try to persuade me that I was wasting all of $5 on this “ugly jacket intended for an old woman”. I guess pairing it with this hip hugging mini (that I got made) was the compromise and my way of “younging” it up for her *side eye😒*.  My crochet gladiator sandals by local designer Michelle Walker of Crochet Eye Candy was another great style find. I can definitely add this to my closet of repeat offenders.





I bet you couldn’t tell that I’m Jamaican. I tried not to make it too obvious. Yeah right?! *giggles* One Love.


Thanks for visiting. Awaiting your Comments below 😆

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Love xoxo,

Queen Stacia.

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Sandals: @crocheteyecandy

Skirt: @staciadavidson

Styling: @staciadavidson

Photography: @marz_jackson

Make Up: @lejounb.artistry

Location: Downtown Kingston, Jamaica