Dashiki Girl

Straight up, I’m a Dashiki girl. I’ve been wearing Dashikis from my college days before it was trendy to do so. I got so excited when I found a store in Baltimore that sold them in every colour. Apparently it’s supposed to be a top but I wore it as a dress and paired it with the crochet gladiator sandals from Crochet Eye Candy.
I thought the Dashiki was the perfect outfit to kick start February being it’s Black History Month. I can probably also wear it on Valentines Day since it’s red. (Though a red blanket would probably make more sense as the only place I’ll be going on V-Day is to my bed.)












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Love xoxo,

Queen Stacia.

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Styling: @staciadavidson

Photography: @marz_jackson

Make Up: @lejounb.artistry

Sandals: @crocheteyecandy


2 thoughts on “Dashiki Girl

  1. I like how you introduce your outfits. A snippet first then u gradually increase the view. Thats how my view on the outfit changes as well. It’s normally in this order : hmm, ok, interesting then wow! (sequence may not necessarily be in that order or contain all 4 links *wink wink*)

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