What Am I Willing To Suffer For It?

As I lay in bed this morning contemplating whether or not to exercise, I came across this article  which could have easily been called “Salt” because that is exactly what it felt like while reading it; it was like I was pouring salt into my wound of excuses as to why I didn’t have to exercise this morning. It was timely and could not have been more appropriate for my situation. It spoke about how we all want things… and we claim to want them really bad. Whether it is to be rich, a particular job/career, a healthy happy relationship or a sexy beach bod. People will tell you what they want & they will always ask what you want. But the more appropriate question and the true test of what you truly desire is what are you willing to suffer for it? Stop! Pause. Let that marinate.

Are you willing to “suffer” early mornings, the sweat, the soreness and pain of exercising, the hunger pangs, sacrifice fried chicken and pizza, 60- hour work weeks, long commutes, long board meetings, obnoxious paperwork, tough conversations & the awkwardness of silence with your significant other?

Happiness requires struggle. The positive is the side effect of handling the negative.  If you want the benefits of something in life, you have to also want the costs.

Any time you are in a situation where you find yourself not wanting to do the things that are required in order to achieve this ‘thing’, this ‘goal’ that you claim you want so very badly, ask yourself this important question: What am I willing to suffer for it?

Suffice to say, I did my exercise this morning💪👙

Read the full article here




*This was a post I made on Instagram a couple months ago and I found myself having to go back to it because sometimes you need a reminder to keep at it. I think you too will find it useful so I decided to post it here.


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