Off The Shoulder

I designed this off the shoulder body con dress a couple years ago but haven’t worn it in ages. On searching my closet for another compliment for the neon green flared skirt, I came across it and thought that the off the shoulder cut and the earth tone colours would be a good fit. The black tulle at the hem may be a bit much for the conservative or boring among us but I thought it added even an iota of personality. I love off the shoulders by the way, but I have to admit, that my curves confidence was definitely the selling point for this dress. *giggles*








Again, I love the versatility of being able to wear it by itself (as a dress) or as a top with a flared skirt. I definitely loved this look. I almost felt like Cinderella. If only I had the glass slipper… (and the Prince Charming😂.)

Thanks for visiting. Awaiting your Comments below 😆

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Love xoxo,

Queen Stacia.

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Dress: @staciadavidson

Styling: @staciadavidson

Photography: @nickiikane

Make Up: @ms.yelad_realntrue

Location: Downtown Kingston, Jamaica

4 thoughts on “Off The Shoulder

  1. Love your eye for fashion! I’d never be brave enough to wear a neon green skirt, well that’s until I see how great it looks on you. Looking forward to seeing what you pair it with next.

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